Paola Lenti in the Idaho Mountains

It’s Paola Lenti that Carmen Finegan immediately – and enthusiastically – thinks of when she decides to open her studio to the public and dedicate a part of it to a small and cozy showroom.


Carmen Finegan, a Bogotá-educated architect residing in the United States, encountered our company some time ago, immediately being “captured” by the unmistakable style of our offerings. In a short time, the consistent and reciprocal sharing of design experiences, visions, and thoughts has transformed into a professional relationship so positive and solid as to lead to the opening, in September 2023, of a space entirely dedicated to our company.


CF Architecture + Interiors is a luminous open space spanning approximately 200 square meters, with large windows overlooking Ketchum, an American town surrounded by the spectacular mountain ranges of Idaho and very close to Sun Valley frequented by winter sports enthusiasts and celebrities alike.


Upon entering the space, guests are greeted by the light tones of the Move sofa and the Tapio side table, juxtaposed with greens and blues adorning the Kanji table, Elsie chairs, and Tweed rug. Directly opposite, the Atollo Next sofa echoes the purplish-brown colours of the Sciara and Isole side tables and the Otto pouf, softened by the natural tones of the Vespucci sofa and Samo rug: a harmonious mix between interior and exterior, passing through the natural materials of the Eres collection, which only Paola Lenti products are capable of generating. Stepping into the outdoor area, vibrant shades of pink and fuchsia animate the Cove and Sabi sofas alongside the Bistrò parasol, infusing the space with a burst of energy and vitality.