Research & Development

We started with resistant, waterproof and long lasting yarns, designed for our outdoor collections.

Over time, we focused our research on innovation: today we can count on single-materials, fully recyclable yarns and substances, such as Twiggy and Diade – this last fully patented.

The research activities precede all our production processes and have always been one of our strengths. We develop ideas and projects within the company; then fine-tune them in collaboration with external professionals and consultants from universities and scientific institutes.

The experimentation on raw materials, the research into the performances of yarns and a detailed chromatic research allowed us to create a wide range of exclusive indoor and outdoor high tech fabrics. 
New families of natural materials, such as stone, glass, marble and ceramics have joined the fabrics collection. With such materials, all processed by hand, we have designed new furnishings and accessories.

Thanks to their specific characteristics of solidity and resistance to atmospheric agents, our fabrics and materials are suited also for the yachting sector.

Each product and the production process is inspired so as to respect nature: we do not use toxic substances nor chemical treatments, we endorse local producers and, in the field of synthetic products, we use recyclable materials or those that have been recycled.