Research & Development

Paola Lenti fabrics and materials are renowned in the world for their innovative aesthetic and technical qualities.

The research activity always precedes the production processes. Each new project developed within the company is then investigated and verified with the advice of scientific institutes and external professionals.

The experimentation on raw materials, the study of the performance of the yarns and the chromatic research have allowed the company to create over the years a wide range of exclusive technical fabrics, specific for both the exterior and the interior. Natural materials – such as stone, glass, metal, marble, cocciopesto and ceramic – have completed the company’s living solutions for the creation of harmonious and balanced spaces. Thanks to their specific solidity and resistance to atmospheric agents, these fabrics and materials are also suitable for the nautical sector.

Each element and all production processes are driven by the respect for nature: no substances that can harm the ecosystem are used and, in the field of synthetic products, recyclable or reclaimed fibers and materials are selected.