design : F. Rota

Dining table available in two different dimensions. The top features the central section divided into independent and removable elements. It is possible to replace the desired number of such elements with a cutting board, made of either stoneware or Luni marble, or with white gloss-varnished metal trays. The series Kanji also includes a side table.

Top: fibreboard veneered and finished Mano Opaca or veneered with oak frisé wood Abonos™.
Base: multilayer wood and fibreboard veneered and finished Mano Opaca or veneered with oak frisé wood Abonos™.

Abonos™ is a wood of fluvial origin characterized by a thousand-year permanence in the water, where it was transformed through the action of sediments such as gravel, sand and clay. The series of chemical mutations, to which it has been subjected by nature has made each trunk a unique piece, in colour and design, without this affecting its structural qualities of hardness and resistance.

The oak frisé wood Abonos™ is treated to be water and oil-repellent with a water-based finish that limits the absorption of liquids and greasy substances.

The central part of the table is divided into section with 60 cm length each. It is possible to remove the desired number of sections and replace them with the available accessories.

The elements composing the central section, which are removed and replaced by the cutting board or the tray, can be stored in a specific compartment existing under the tabletop.

Trays and cutting board can be also used as accessories to be simply placed onto the table.

Awards: the Kanji dining table received the Special Mention of the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2016 in the Excellent Product Design category and won the RED DOT AWARD 2016 in the Product Design category.

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