design : F. Rota

Tables with the top adjustable in height (B58A) or fixed (B58E and B58F).
The series Giro also includes side tables available in the same finishes.

Base: aluminium, matt varnished in avorio or grafite colour, warm gear for height regulation made of stainless steel AISI 316, plastic spacers.

The base is gloss-varnished in combination with the top in Cristal only (reference colours: Mano Lucida wood sample collection).

Top: adjustable or fixed, available in:
– lightened concrete in avorio or grafite colour matching the base
– Venice
– Luce
– Glaze
– stoneware, painted by hand with oxidized colours
– Aurea Optima heat-treated ash heartwood
– Graniglia
– Lias
– stoneware with glass décor
– Cristal

The Luce and the painted stoneware tops are made and finished by hand with exclusive colours by Nicolò Morales.

The tops in stoneware decorated with glass are made by Marella Ferrera and are available in the pattern Frammenti.

The tops in Luce and in Venice are made by hand with natural materials, which react unpredictably to crafts production processes. Their surface can feature thickness differences, little marks, striping, little variations of colour tone and solidity. These characteristics are linked to the very nature of the materials and are considered qualities able to make each top unique and different from any other.

The tops in Venice are treated to be water and oil repellent and wax polished, to make them suitable for an outdoor use.

The Glaze tops are obtained by manually glazing molded porcelain stoneware elements. The possible slight differences in colour and appearance between one surface and another are unpredictable and are the value and the distinctive feature of a completely hand-crafted workmanship.

The tops in Aurea Optima heat-treated ash heartwood are treated with an oil and water repellent water-based finish that limits the absorption of liquids and greasy substances.

Graniglia and Lias are outdoor surfaces that are produced with a mix of limestone and clay and can be without decoration (Graniglia) or decorated with a modern micro-mosaic (Lias).

The Cristal tops are made by interposing a layer of fabric between two sheets of transparent extralight tempered glass. The edges of the tops is sealed to allow safe use in outdoor environments.

The tables code B58E and B58F are available with fixed top only.

This product can be used also in interior environments.

We advise to use a Winter Set protection cover.

The tops in Luce are produced by hand-enameling lava stone or stoneware slabs depending on the design requirements as far as thickness and colour quality are concerned. Colours remain transparent and bright and allow perceiving, though their shades, the porosity and imperfections of the base. The surface of the tops in Luce may have differences in thickness, small spots, streaks, shading, slight variations in the tone and consistency of the colours. These particularities give character to the product and are qualities able of making each top unique and different from any other.
The tops in Venice are made by mixing natural materials, oxides and binders. The superficial finish, made entirely by hand, undergoes several smoothing phases, an oil and water repellent treatment and a wax polishing. A typical feature of Venice is the presence on the surface of dots of various dimensions. These light-coloured spots, which can appear even after some time and which are visible above all on darker shades, are due to the mix of natural inert components, which are an integral part of the mixture and which may also contain traces of limestone. The unpredictability of the Venice production result makes each top unique and unrepeatable.
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