Area rugs


Area collection rugs are entirely hand made and are produced with New Zealand wool.
Some of them can also be produced using Royal silk yarns of the highest quality instead or in combination with the wool.
After the yarn is hand-tufted to the rug’s weft, the artisan begins an intricate and highly precise process of cutting and shaping with shears in order to create the complex patterns that are the defining aesthetic feature of these rugs.
Precious and long lasting, the Area rugs are available in several hues, also in custom dimensions. The resistance to light and to the recommended cleaning method, the quality and the density of the yarns guarantee that the designs hold their shape over time and ensure that the rugs will retain their body and luster over many years. For these reasons, these rugs are suited also to high traffic areas.
The variety of designs and colours allows for the creation of tailor-made rugs too; for special rugs, Paola Lenti provides a computer rendering of the rug in reduced scale, to verify the overall chromatic effect and the final result.