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«Oltre lo Sguardo» : What Lies Beyond the Gaze

Oltre lo Sguardo – Beyond the Gaze is more than just a statement; it's an ethos, an invitation to delve deeper into our perceptions, to transcend the surface and explore beyond the familiar confines of predictability and instant gratification

To truly go beyond, one must possess an attentive and discerning eye. An eye capable of both grasping the details – because it is in the small and almost invisible that often nestles the highest concentration of beauty – and perceiving the harmonious coherence of the whole.

This visual flexibility is what sets Paola Lenti apart, and it finds its purest expression in Paola Lenti Milano, the brand’s new flagship exhibition space in Milan. Designed as a bioecological architecture, it mirrors the company’s aesthetic sensibility and ethical commitment.

More than just a furniture store, Paola Lenti Milano is a dynamic laboratory of ideas—a physical and conceptual space where nature seamlessly blends with the built environment

Oltre lo Sguardo serves as Paola Lenti’s manifesto, marking the definitive opening of a new destination in Milan, inspired by the key principles of culture, design, well-being, and hospitality that have guided the brand since its inception thirty years ago.

At Paola Lenti Milano, indoor and outdoor products harmonize with diverse plant species across six distinct ecosystems, fostering an unparalleled urban biodiversity.

During Milano Design Week 2024, visitors are guided through sensory experiences, immersed in botanical and chromatic journeys that evoke olfactory sensations, play with light, notes of colour, and showcase furnishings characterized by delicate elegance and occasional whimsy—a hallmark of Paola Lenti’s unique storytelling approach.

Within the showroom, a dedicated space spanning over 300 square meters mimics the ambiance of a contemporary dwelling. Wide windows offer glimpses of lush gardens, inviting exploration and discovery. Carefully curated colour palettes, vintage furnishings, and meticulous attention to details create an atmosphere of sophistication and refinement.

Like a living organism, the showroom seamlessly integrates various functional zones, including lounges, offices, gardens, greenhouses, and a Gallery that, during the Fuorisalone, houses the museum-like exhibition of the product series Hana-arashi – the petals dance – a collaboration between Paola Lenti with renowned designer Nendo

Looking ahead, plans for a bistro and boutique hotel underscore the brand’s commitment to hospitality and well-being. These additions will further enrich the visitor experience, providing opportunities to explore broader themes of culture and sustainability amidst verdant surroundings.

Meanwhile, the building, still in its original state and subject to renovation in the future, will host the solo exhibition of Oki Sato «Nendo: Whispers of Nature» – a fitting exploration of the intricate relationship between humanity and the natural world, aligned with Paola Lenti’s core values.

Oltre lo Sguardo encapsulates a multitude of parallel narratives, projects born from research and experimentation, and individuals who champion beauty and authenticity as potent vehicles for conveying a message of cultural sustainability and environmental responsibility

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