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Per filo e per segno

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Over two decades have passed since we embarked on a pioneering journey in the production of contemporary textiles for the outdoors. In the new short film “Per Filo e per Segno,” Paola Lenti revisits the past twenty years, marked by relentless research, a quest for innovation, passionate pursuit, unexpected discoveries, and significant encounters, unravelling and reweaving the thread of our history once again: a delicate yet resilient thread, leaving an indelible mark.


Per filo e per segno
Director Maurizio Natta
Author Anna Vullo
Filmed by Maurizio Natta – Fabrizio Polla Mattiot – Gianlorenzo Bernabò
Interview Dop Luciano Limoli
Interview Gaffer Mattia Rossetti
Editor Mattia Cutaia
Colorist Michele Ricossa
Audio Editor Matteo Fusi
Hair styling and make up Karine Valbrun
Soundtrack Universal Music Publishing Ricordi srl
© 2023 Paola Lenti srl, all rights reserved


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