design : F. Rota

Large dining table.

Base: AISI 304 stainless steel, gloss varnished in bianco or grafite colour.
Top: rectangular, rounded on the corners, available in several kind of marbles coupled with a plate of aluminium honeycomb.

NEW 2023
Square top made of multilayer wood covered with ash Abonos™ or poplar root Abonos™.

Abonos™ is a wood of fluvial origin characterized by a thousand-year permanence in the water, where it was transformed through the action of sediments such as gravel, sand and clay. The series of chemical mutations, to which it has been subjected by nature has made each trunk a unique piece, in colour and design, without this affecting its structural qualities of hardness and resistance.

Abonos™ wood is treated to be water and oil-repellent with a water-based finish that limits the absorption of liquids and greasy substances.

The particular processing of the multilayer wood, which involves inserting a linen fabric between the wooden parts, allows obtaining particularly thin tops that guarantee the same resistance and stability as traditional tops of greater thickness.

Legno Abonos™ Bilegno
Gloss Varnishing bianco | grafite