design : CRS

Script is a felt rug created with a Punto Macramé embroidery.

The design consists of a continuous line that winds in an abstract script-like embroidery on the surface of the felt.
The border features the Punto Cavallo, on request the Punto Pettine (only for rugs having at least one side not exceeding 200 cm).
This rug can be produced both with a single and a double layer of felt.

In the double layer rug, the under layer is always without stitching and in one single colour.
Only in rug with a width higher than 200 cm the underside shows inner stitching.


Composition: 100% woven felt in pure virgin wool.
Daily cleaning: rug beater or vacuum cleaner without brushes.
Periodical cleaning: professional dry cleaning, do not hand wash nor machine wash.
Stains: small stains, combination of water and mild soap; oil stains, solvents.