Rome, at Atelier Monti a selection of Paola Lenti products for outdoor use

For well over two decades Atelier Monti has been offering the finest “classics” of the Made in Italy design furniture. From the outset, the owners – interior designer Roberta De Angelis and architect Massimo Lucarini – have fostered a close collaboration with Paola Lenti, which has recently culminated in an exhibition entirely dedicated to the company. Unveiled to the public during a special event, the selection includes Paola Lenti’s most representative projects for the outdoors, highlighting the brand’s innovative material research and expansive chromatic repertoire. The deep appreciation for colour and sartorial craftsmanship have always been the unifying element between Paola Lenti and Atelier Monti, both sharing a philosophy of living characterized by meticulous attention to detail and a passion for beauty.


Atelier Monti is located in via Panisperna, a street in the heart of Rome that gained prominence in the 1930s, when a group of young scientists at the Istituto di Fisica (Institute of Physics), guided by the future Nobel Prize laureate Enrico Fermi, made revolutionary discoveries on the properties of slow neutrons.


The showroom showcases sofas from Paola Lenti collections adorned with state-of-the-art technical fabrics, as well as handwoven armchairs, rugs, bookshelves, tables and side tables – each meticulously crafted by hand with natural materials. Originally intended for outdoor use, these products seamlessly transition into indoor spaces, engaging in a vibrant dialogue through colour. The comfort of the upholstery fabrics, combined with the exquisite surfaces, elevates any environment, striking a balance between refinement and informality.


Atelier Monti
via Panisperna, 42
00184 Rome
06 47824314