Paola Lenti Wien: Highlights from Milano Design Week and “Oltre lo Sguardo”

One year following the inauguration of the Austrian flagship store, Paola Lenti and Kramer und Kramer welcomed the Viennese community to explore the latest offerings in colors, materials, and weaves showcased by the brand at the 2024 Milano Design Week.


A vibrant pink enclave defines the outdoor space, showcasing the newest additions for 2024. Taking center stage is the new Kyo sofa, adorned with Felce, an outdoor fabric adorned with stylized fern leaves in a daring fusion of pink and fuchsia. Its inviting appearance epitomizes the company’s commitment to outdoor comfort and relaxation. The setting is completed by the side-tables Isole, Primula and Anemone in different shades of red.


Architects, interior designers, and enthusiasts of Italian design and outdoor living were warmly received by Anna Lenti and Bernhard Kramer. The screening of the evocative and rhythmically charged video “Oltre lo Sguardo” provided guests with a firsthand experience of the energy and ambiance that filled the new Paola Lenti Milano space during the premier design event.


This event, hosted at the historic and enchanting Palais Harrach, marks another step in our brand’s journey towards deeper integration with the city of Vienna and its residents, renowned for their appreciation of art, design, and outdoor living. Our enduring partnership with Kramer und Kramer continues to bring our brand closer to Vienna’s vibrant community.



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