Paola Lenti on display at Triennale Milano with a piece penned by Campana brothers

Morpho, the tapestry penned by Campana brothers for Paola Lenti, will be on display at the Triennale Milano from April 15 to September 17 as part of the Text exhibition, conceived by Marco Sammicheli, Director of the Museo del Design Italiano and curator for Triennale Milano’s design, fashion, and crafts sector. The exhibition is a journey through art, crafts and fashion to discover the relationship between publishing, textile industry and furniture.


Morpho is one of the unique pieces in the Metamorfosi collection, designed by famous Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana and inspired by the mutations of the natural world. It is a sustainable collection of five seating pieces and a tapestry originating from the creative reuse of the company’s production remnants: offcuts, swatches, selvedges that would otherwise remain unused.


Metamorfosi reflects the company philosophy aimed at reducing waste and a more conscious use of raw materials. The elements of Morpho are composed of an upper layer of fabric and a lower layer of synthetic felt, made with fibers derived from the recycling of PET bottles from separate collection. This felt is equally 100% recyclable.


April 15 aprile – September 17
Triennale Milano
viale Alemagna, 6