Boston, Casa Design inaugurates a space dedicated to Paola Lenti

Paola Lenti debuts in Boston with a new dedicated space housed by Casa Design, one of the city’s well-established names in the world of high-end furniture retail.
Located in the heart of Boston’s Art and Design District, in the lively SoWa neighborhood (an acronym coined to designate the southern residential area of the most aristocratic city in the States), Casa Design has selected a range of representative products to showcase the essence of Paola Lenti’s design philosophy.
The layout was designed to showcase the great variety of materials that have distinguished the brand worldwide. From the innovative Rope outdoor yarn, with its textile-like quality, to the ancient Grand Feu enameling technique featured on the table surfaces unveiled at the recent Fuorisalone, along with Aurea Optima, an eco-friendly heat treatment method that enhances the durability of wood,
The chosen colour palette reflects the ever-changing hues of nature, drawing inspiration from the lush vegetation and the sea, transitioning from different shades of green to turquoise.


460 Harrison Ave.
02118 Boston MA
Tel. 001 617 3146677