Zoe Rev

design : CRS

Zoe Rev is a rug for exterior and interior environments created with one- or two-colour cords sewn in a spiral- like pattern in a predetermined sequence.

The rug is produced with different cords, all falling within the chosen colour hue.
It is possible to choose three related colour hues for the rug’s background and two contrasting ones for the graphic sign, which is the featuring characteristic of this rug.


Composition: Rope cord, 100% polyolefin
Daily cleaning: vacuum cleaner without brushes.
Periodical cleaning: washing with a solution of cold water and neutral detergent.
Do not use any abrasive brushes, bleaching agents, solvents, no professional dry cleaning.
Stains: pat the area with a clean cloth to prevent the stain from penetrating the fibres.

Projects with Zoe Rev
M/Y FB276 Metis
Courtesy Benetti Yacht photo by: Jeff Brown