design : V. Van Duysen

Shading structure made of wood and fabric available in two dimensions.
Toku series also includes a sun bed, benches with seating surface in wood or fabric and trays.

Structure: cedar heartwood, particulars in AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel, adjustable plastic spacers.
Top panel covering: removable and available in Thuia fabric.

Vertical sliding curtains: removable and available in Thuia fabric.

Seating panels: removable, with or without adjustable backrest, made of marine plywood, fixed cover in three-dimensional polyester fabric.
Seating panels upholstery: fixed and available in Wara fabric.

A seat pad and a loose cushion per seating panel are necessary to complete seating comfort.

Seat pad: removable, in expanded polyurethane, fixed foam cover in water repellent polyester.
Loose cushion: removable, in polyester fibre, fixed cover in waterproofed polyester.
Seat pad and loose cushion upholstery: removable and available in Luz, Rope T, Brio, Thea or Wara fabric.

The structure in cedar heartwood is treated with a natural impregnating product.

The four seating panels composing the platform of Toku code CA19A are removable: two have a fixed backrest and two are provided with backrest adjustable in two positions in addition to the rest position.

The panels can be positioned parallel to each other, parallel two by two, or perpendicular to each other.

The covering in Thuia fabric of the horizontal protruding parts of the structure code CA10A is removable; the covering of the central part of the structure is removable as well and slides along the uprights of Toku to create vertical curtains that can be positioned at the desired height.

The panels composing the Toku platform can be completed by indipendent backrests in the desired position, made of expanded polyurethane with ballast (backrests of the Orlando series).

We advise to use a Winter Set protection cover for the seating panels.

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