design : CRS

Tessera is a modular rug created by joining elements available in the dimension of 60 x 60 cm.

The modules consist of superimposed layers of different materials, which are thermoformed and sawn together with Punto Pettine with a thread in the same colour of the surface of the module.
The inside is made of polyester fibre and expanded polyethylene; the lower surface consist of Velcro velvet, the upper surface is made of Wara, a Paola Lenti’s signature outdoor fabric, with a straw-like appearance, available in several colours.
The modules can be joined together endlessly by means of antiskid polyester elements completed with Velcro.


Composition: Wara fabric, 80% polyolefin, 20% polyester.
Daily cleaning: vacuum cleaner without brushes.
Periodical cleaning: clean with a soft, moist cloth.
Stains: pat the area with a clean cloth to prevent the stain from penetrating the fibres; most stains can be removed with specific detergents.

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