design : CRS

Tessera is a felt rug created joining modular elements available in the dimension 60 x 60 cm.

The modules consist of superimposed layers of different materials which are thermoformed and sawn together with Punto Pettine with a thread in the same colour of the surface of the module.
The inside is made of polyester fibre and expanded polyethylene; the lower surface consist of Velcro velvet, the upper surface is in Paola Lenti’s signature Felt.
The modules can be joined together endless by means of antiskid polyester elements completed with Velcro.

Composition: 100% woven felt in pure virgin wool, padding in polyester and polyethylene.
Daily cleaning: rug beater or vacuum cleaner without brushes.
Periodical cleaning: professional dry cleaning, do not hand wash nor machine wash.
Stains: small stains, combination of water and mild soap; oil stains, solvents.

Projects with Tessera
Private House
Architectural project and interior interior design by Patricia Chen Suchart and Thamarit Suchart - Chen + Suchart Studio Paola Lenti furniture supplier: Space Bazaar - Arizona Photo by: Matt Winquist Photography
Private house Libelula House

Project by: G2 Estudio Arquitectura, architects Darío and Hugo Gallego
Photo: Luis Signoris

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