design : Paola Lenti e De Castelli

Covering for vertical surfaces made of metal fabric.

Tela is a copper fabric designed by Paola Lenti available with closed or open weave.
The fabric is treated by De Castelli on an exclusivity basis with handcraft oxidation processes, resulting in four different vivid yet natural colours: Aurora, Bosco, Foliage and Tundra.
In the version with closed weave, Tela may cover single-faced panels in wood fibre provided with hooks for the direct fixing to the wall.
The Nubila special configuration include also vertical and horizontal connecting elements and side finishing elements made of matt varnished steel in a colour matching the selected colour of the fabric.
The Tela fabric with open weave can be used for standing structures that can be personalized according to the client’s requirements.

Tela is available with both closed and open weave.
The panels covered with Tela with closed weave allow for the composition of modern fabric boiseries and the decoration of vertical surfaces, even with considerable dimensions.
The structure covered with Tela with open weave are provided with a support metal frame, that allow for the fabric to keep its transparency unchanged.
The oxidation processes of the copper fabric are carried out completely by hand; a following natural oxidation of the material and a resulting slight change of the colour shade, non-homogeneous and unpredictable, are in line with the production techniques and do not affect the quality of the product.
The panels are always designed and produced in custom dimensions, meeting the specific requirements of the client.

The compositions using Tela with a closed weave are made with pre-finished panels in the standard dimension of 100x100x3 cm.
The panels can be produced in custom dimensions up to a maximum of 100×300 cm.

Covering of indoor vertical surfaces, in residential, as well as public and commercial spaces.