design : CRS

Suspension lamps.

Cover: Rope cord sewn in a spiral-like pattern; an additional internal shade, made of a semi-transparent polyester cord sewn in a spiral-like pattern, enhance the lamp brightness.

Lighting body: non-replaceable LED module, diffused light 10W.

Taiki is supplied with suspension cable complete with the cylinder for the fixing to the ceiling at the desired height, power cable and power LED driver.

The lamp is LED powered but offers the same warmth and harmony of a traditional lighting bulb.

This product can be used also in interior environments.

Rope Corda 10, solid colours
Rope Corda 10, Shades of White
Projects with Taiki
Private house M16
Project by: OLARQ Osvaldo Luppi Architects Interior furnishing project: Terraza Balear Photo by: Mauricio Fuertes
Private House
Project: Wolterinck Laren BV
Private house Gabelli
Interior design by Terraza Balear
Private house CL2
interior design by Terraza Balear
Guth Restaurant

Photos by Jens Ellensohn