design : F. Rota

Armchair available fixed or swivel.
The Smile series also includes a two-seater sofa and a pouf-container.

Base for fixed armchair: thermoformed plastic material complete of spacers. The base is provided with handles to make the piece displacement easier.
Base for swivel armchair: gloss-varnished aluminium (reference colours: Mano Lucida wood sample collection). Plastic spacers.
Padding: stress resistant cold injected polyurethane with wood insert, fixed foam cover in water repellent polyester, additional fixed foam cover in black polyester three-dimensional fabric.

Upholstery: removable and available in Aero fabric.

The swivel base is provided with a rotation system on ball bearings hidden in the structure of the armchair.

This product can be used also in interior environments.

We advise to use a Winter Set protection cover.

Awards: Smile won the MIAW, Muuuz International Design Awards 2014 as one of the most innovative product in 2013.

Projects with Smile
Private house Mexico City

Project by: Antonio Farré Arquitecto – Interior Design by: Elena Talavera – Photo by: Aldo C. Gracia

Private house
Architectural project by Paul Marchese Architects, Gzim Gashi Interior design by Marcia Tucker Photo by Costas Picadas
Private house Gabelli
Interior design by Terraza Balear
SL 112-43
photos by: Giuseppe Raso Lightline
SL 112-39
photos by: Giuseppe Raso Lightline
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