design : V. Van Duysen

Large dining tables and bistrot table with stone top.
The Portofino series also includes a stool, a deck chair, a XL deck chair, a  chair with armrests and a little armchair with folding structure, an armchair and a sofa.

Structure: heartwood treated with an industrial acrylic wax varnishing available in natural colour (black locust) or dark dyed (iroko). Adjustable spacers in stainless steel and rubber.
Top: made of stone elements matching the colour of the structure
– Pietra di Comiso (structure in natural colour)
– natural lava stone (structure in dark dyed colour).

Portofino dining table is also available in a version with gloss varnished aluminium structure (reference colours: Mano Lucida wood sample collection) and Glaze top (codes B95Q and B95R).

Pietra di Comiso and lava stone are natural materials featuring unforeseeable differences between one slab and the other. The colour differences between the different components of the table tops are to be considered a value and not a defect, making each single table unique and exclusive.

The Glaze tops are obtained by manually glazing molded porcelain stoneware elements. The possible slight differences in colour and appearance between one surface and another are unpredictable and are the value and the distinctive feature of a completely hand-crafted workmanship.

This product can be used also in interior environments.

We advise to use a Winter Set protection cover.

Awards: the Portofino series has been awarded the GOOD DESIGN AWARDS 2016 in the Furniture category.

top for table code B95Q
Locust wood and Iroko wood
The colour of the robinia wood code LE247 can be significantly different from one batch to another. Here below are some of the possible variations in the shades of the material.
Locust wood, LE247
base for table code B95Q - reference colours for the gloss varnishing
Projects with Portofino
Private House Knokke

Progetto di: 't Huis van Oordeghem, Belgium
Foto di: Cafeïne

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