Policromo, Policromo Double

design : CRS

Policromo and Policromo Double are hand tufted rugs for exterior and interior environments.

The texture of these rugs consists of dense and regular bouclé stitches that are tufted to a polypropylene backing.
Compared to Policromo, Policromo Double is produced with a higher number of yarns, has a surface slightly softer and a higher thickness.
Only one mélange colour can be chosen.

Visible stripes or parts of the rug where one of the colours used to create the over mélange tone of the rug prevails, are a result of the hand tufting technique and are the hallmark of craftsmanship, which make each rug unique.
The manual production technique of Policromo and Policromo Double advices against the use of these rugs in high traffic areas.
We advise against the use of Policromo and Policromo Double in very humid or rainy environments.


Composition: Rope yarn, 100% polyolefin.
Daily cleaning: vacuum cleaner without brushes.
Periodical cleaning: washing with a solution of cold water and neutral detergent.
Do not use any abrasive brushes, bleaching agents, solvents, no professional dry cleaning.
Stains: pat the area with a clean cloth to prevent the stain from penetrating the fibres.

Policromo Double, two-colour
Policromo Double, solid colours