design : Paola Lenti

Floor covering composed of elements made of non-treated natural lava stone and inserts made of lava stone oxidized with metal powders.

Lava stone, or basalt, is a dark extrusive natural stone originating from the cooling of volcanic magma.
The colour of the inserts is obtained through a working process that involves the use of natural metal oxides.
The elements Origami are finished with a protection treatment.

Lava stone is resistant to impacts, stress and wear, it is longlasting and easy to maintain.
The surface of the elements may feature little differences in thickness and colour: this is to be considered the quality that makes each element unique and inimitable.

Origami elements have a dimension of 25x25x2 cm.

Floor covering, both indoors and outdoors, in residential, public and commercial spaces subject to light or heavy traffic.