design : F. Rota

Stackable chair and lounge chair.
The Lido series also includes a bistrot table.

Structure: AISI 304 stainless steel gloss varnished (reference colours: Mano Lucida wood sample collection), plastic spacers.
Seating and backrest shell: molded white polypropylene.
Seat and backrest surfaces: Diade, white, green or light blue background colour coupled with Tela fabric.

The seating and backrest shell in molded polypropylene is always white, whatever the colour chosen for the steel structure.

Tela is a fabric expecially conceived for the production of Diade.

Tela designs Diade surfaces and creates a stunning texelement appearance with unexpected mélange effects, which are never the same. The irregularity of colour is due to the structure itself of Twiggy, the yarn used to produce Tela, and is the featuring characteristics of this production technique.

Chairs can be stacked up to four pieces, lounge chairs up to three.

This product can be used also in interior environments.

We advise to use a Winter Set protection cover.

The Lido series has been awarded the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2020 and the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2018.

Diade has been selected for the ADI Design Index 2019.

Diade is an exclusive material stemming from the coupling of the high tech fabric Tela or Maris with a rigid and supporting polyolefin surface. The particular technology applied to the coupling give the products made of this material an amazing textile appearance with mélange effects, which are unpredictable and never the same, but can also generate slight colour differences, which correspond to the areas where the fabric remains more or less imprinted on the rigid surface. Alike all fabrics, also Tela and Maris have their own specific elasticity; therefore, they tend to adapt each time in a slightly different way to the geometry of the panels, even in the same batch: a phenomenon that is completely natural and which in any case does not affect the structural and aesthetic qualities of the material.
seating and backrest surfaces, Tela texture
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