design : F. Rota

Bookshelf with structure in steel and aluminium and copper ornamental panels.

Structure: steel, matt varnished in grafite colour, plastic spacers.

Shelves: aluminium honeycomb, matt varnished in grafite colour.

Copper panels available with:
– an abstract decoration in three colour options: light green, dark green or red;
– a circular geometric decoration.

The decorative enameling of the copper panels of Intermezzo bookshelf is done by hand with Paola Lenti exclusive colours by Alessandra Malfatti.

The rear surface of the decorative panels is enamelled in colours matching the structure; the enamelling of both the front and rear surfaces is done by hand with oxidized colours obtained with a mixture of powders and pigments.

The front and rear enamelling of the decorative panels of the bookshelf is obtained with manual production techniques that make each bowl different from the others, unique and exclusive. The particular processes used create differences in color and motif even between panels of the same bookshelf. Irregularity, both of the colours and the surfaces, is their distinctive feature.

Matt varnishing avorio | grafite