Hana-arashi | floor lamps

design : Nendo

Floor lamps available in three dimensions.

Structure: gloss-varnished stainless steel AISI 316 (reference colours: Mano Lucida wood sample collection). Plastic spacers.
Upholstery: made of two layers of Maris fabric joined by welded elements.

Light body: rechargeable LED variable light.

The upholstery is crafted with two layers of Maris fabric joined by welded elements, some of which decorated with further inlays in the same fabric.

Both the upholstery and the inlays are made of recovered offcuts from previous production processes. The combination of colours produces different chromatic results each time. The upholstery is edged with a cord in Twiggy yarn, equally recovered.

A disc in opaline Plexiglas, placed inside the lamp and fixed to the structure allows you to direct the beam of light downwards.