design : CRS Paola Lenti

Movable backdrop made of Rope cord.

Grisella backdrops are made of Rope cord, a Paola Lenti signature material, which is used to weave by hand many outdoor seating pieces and to produce the rugs in the High Tech collection.
The cord is shaped by hand and then sewn to create a soft, elastic net.
For the fixing to the ceiling, a specific structure is available made of white matt-varnished steel and provided with steel cables and extension regulators for the levelling of the composition.
The standard structure is composed of linear elements that are joined to one another.

Grisella is designed and produced in custom dimensions, always meeting the specific requirements of the client.

Rope cord is a high performing technical material, it does not absorb odours, is easy to clean and is produced in hundreds solid and two-colour shades.
Furthermore, Rope complies with the international flammability standards TB117-2013 and BS5852.
The Grisella backdrop is produced in one colour only.
Once installed, the Grisella backdrop will tend to distort, in proportion to its weight and dimensions, modifying both the geometry of the meshes and its overall perimeter dimensions, widening further downwards.
This is completely natural and does not affect the quality of the material nor the functionality of the backdrop.

The standard height of a Grisella net is 300 cm; the maximum width is 150 cm.

Composition of vertical movable backdrops, both indoors and outdoors, in residential as well as public and commercial spaces.