design : CRS

Flutti is a modular rug created by joining braids produced with wool cords in mélange colours.

The braids are joined together lengthwise with Punto Zigzag to form the rug surface.
The number of braids varies according to the dimension of the rug.
Flutti is finished all around the perimeter with a wool braid in the same colour combination used to produce the rug.
Up to a maximum of 4 colours can be chosen.

Materials and production techniques advise against the use of Flutti in high traffic areas.


Composition: 58% virgin wool, 41% polyolefin, 1% polyamide.
Daily cleaning: vacuum cleaner without brushes.
Periodical cleaning: professional dry cleaning or steam cleaning.
Stains: pat the area with a clean cloth to prevent the stain from penetrating the fibres; most stains can be removed with specific detergents.