design : F. Rota

High and low cabinets and bookcase. The Edel series also includes a side table available in the same finishings.

Structure: fiberboard finished Mano Lucida or veneered and finished Mano Opaca.
External covering of the doors and visible front side of the backs: Brio fabric.
Top compartment cabinet code B89L: suitable to store and exhibit little collections; it is upholstered in Brio fabric and is closed by an extra-light transparent glass

The cabinets of the series Edel can combine with the Build panels as elements placed on the floor.

The cabinet code B94TT is provided with matt-varnished steel feet in avorio or grafite colour.
The other elements of the series are provided with plastic spacers.

The back side of the backs can be either finished Mano Opaca, covered with wood or with fabric.
The visible front part of the back is always covered with fabric.

Brio is an outdoor fabric featuring high tech performances; it is used for the interior since it does not absorb odors, it is easy to clean with steam and is available in very many different colour hues. Furthermore, Brio complies with the flammability rules TB 117 and BS 5852.

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