design : CRS


Loose and backrest cushions are available in different dimensions and are used to complete seating comfort.

Padding: polyester fibre, fixed foam covering in waterproofed polyester.
The backrest cushion, cm 50×60, is completed with an additional polyurethane insert.
Upholstery: removable and available in the fabrics Luz, Rope T, Brio, Thea or Wara.


Padding: polypropylene microspheres.
Padding cover: fixed, in three-dimensional polyester fabric.
Upholstery: removable and available in the fabrics Rope M, Aquatech, Brio, Thea, Wara, Aero, Thuia o Kimia.

Cover for floor cushions can also be made with the same mélange braids used to produce the Navajo rugs. The braids are sewn lengthwise according to a pre-determined scheme.

These products can be used also in interior environments.

Projects with Cushions
Private house
Project: GM Architects - Photo: Antoine Baralhe, Costas Picadas
Dimora delle Balze

Project by: Draga Obradovic and Stefano Guidotti
courtesy Pino and Elena Lops

Private house

Outdoor design by Jeroen Martens. Courtesy Mira Verde - Belgium.

SF 40 Serenity

Photo by Alberto Cocchi