design : M. Merendi

Series of side tables with different forms and dimensions, decorated in white tone on tone or in colours.

Structure: ceramics decorated by hand.

The ceramic structure is made and decorated by hand with exclusive colours by Nicolò Morales.

The material, the particular handwork and the production technique used for the Calatini lead to colour and design differences between tables, even from the same batch and typology. The irregularity and the uniqueness of each item are sought after and are the featuring characteristics of this series.

The Calatini side tables are suited for an outdoor use, but do not withstand temperatures below 0°C. It is therefore necessary to protect the tables in an enclosed space in case of particularly harsh weather conditions, during the night if frost is expected or in areas subject to high day/night temperature variations and always for seasonal protection.

This product can be used also in interior environments.

We advise to use the Winter Set protection cover.

Projects with Calatini
The Heaven Resort

Photo: Sunhyuk

Private house
Architectural project by Paul Marchese Architects, Gzim Gashi Interior design by Marcia Tucker Photo by Costas Picadas
Private house
Project by: Tobias Partners Project architect: John Richards Interior decorator: Brendan Williamson Photo by: Justin Alexander