design : Nicolò Morales

Movable backdrop made of faience.

Faience is a very ornamental and easy to maintain material.
The cylinders composing the Bambou backdrops are painted by hand with luminous and transparent colours, which allow for the porosity and the imperfection of the terracotta surface to show through.
They are produced in different lengths and diameters.
The cylinders are threaded by hand onto a non-extensible cable; between cylinders, a disk in gray felt is inserted, to prevent possible breakage.
The Bambou backdrops are composed according to a pre-determined colour scheme; the reference colours are those of Luce.

The faience cylinders are made and finished by hand in exclusive colours by Nicolò Morales.

For the fixing to the ceiling, a specific structure is available, made of white matt varnished steel and provided with steel cables.
The standard structure is composed of linear elements that are joined to one another.

Bambou is designed and produced in custom dimensions, always meeting the specific requirements of the client.

The natural materials used to produce the Bambou cylinders react in an unpredictable way to the handcraft production processes to which they are subjected.
The surface of the elements may show differences in thickness and slight variations in the tone and the density of the colour: these features are to be considered a quality that makes each element unique and inimitable.
The production of Bambou cylinders and the composition of the single elements of the backdrop are made by hand: each Bambou backdrop is a unique piece, composed of elements that are different from one another.

The faience cylinders are produced in standard dimensions with diameters of about 3 and 4 cm and variable lengths from 15 to 35 cm.
The maximum standard length of one Bambou element consisting of more cylinders with different diameters and lengths is 300 cm; higher lengths can be produced according to the client’s requirements.

Composition of movable backdrops for interior environments, in residential as well as in public and commercial spaces.