design : F. Rota

Compact armchair and armchair with upholstery hand woven onto the structure.
The Ami series also includes a chair and sofas available in different dimensions and typologies.

Structure: stainless steel AISI 316 (provided with elastic belts for the armchair only).
Structure upholstery: fixed, hand woven in
– Chain tubular knit filled with polyester
– Chain lino knit filled with paineira fibre.

Base: stainless steel AISI 316
– satin finished
– matt varnished in avorio, grafite or grigio lava colour
– gloss varnished in the Mano Lucida wood colours range
Plastic spacers.

Compact armchair seat cushion: fixed, in cold injected polyurethane with steel frame and elastic belts; fixed foam covering in polyester fibre and polyamide.
Armchair seat cushion: removable, in stress resistant expanded polyurethane; fixed foam covering in polyester fibre and polyamide.
Seat cushion upholstery: fixed for the compact armchair, removable for the armchair, available in a selection of fabrics in the collection.

Note: for the armchair, we advise to use loose cushions for enhanced comfort.

Projects with Ami
Private house Tallin

Project by: Kromodisain - Paola Lenti furniture supplier: Vivarec, Tallin
Photo by: Heikki Avent (rooms) and Annela Samuel (details)

Private house
Architectural project by Paul Marchese Architects, Gzim Gashi Interior design by Marcia Tucker Photo by Costas Picadas
Monastery of Our Lady of the Cave
Project by: Rujana Bergam Marković, arhitektri. Photo by: Reto Guntli & Agi Simoes
Private house

Arshia Architects
Photos by: Paul Vu
Winner of the 2016 AIA, The American Institute of Architects of Los Angeles award


MaxMara Fashion Group Architecture and Furniture Department

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