design : F. Rota

Modular seating system composed of large elements with adjustable backrest. The backrests of Agio elements can be flattened or adjusted by means of a mechanism hidden into the padding.
The series is completed by a side table with padded and upholstered structure and wooden top finished Mano Opaca.

Structure: varnished steel, seat provided with elastic belts.
Base: made of wood in avorio or grafite colour, plastic spacers.
Padding: differentiated stress resistant expanded polyurethane, fixed foam covering in polyester fibre and polyamide.
Upholstery: removable and available in a selection of fabrics in the collection.

Notes: compositions do not require a coupling system.

Awards: Agio series has been awarded the ARCHIPRODUCT DESIGN AWARDS 2017 and has been selected for the ADI Design Index 2018.

Projects with Agio
Private house Tallin

Project by: Kromodisain - Paola Lenti furniture supplier: Vivarec, Tallin
Photo by: Heikki Avent (rooms) and Annela Samuel (details)

Private house
Architectural project by Paul Marchese Architects, Gzim Gashi Interior design by Marcia Tucker Photo by Costas Picadas
Private house Libelula House

Project by: G2 Estudio Arquitectura, architects Darío and Hugo Gallego
Photo: Luis Signoris