The Tricot rug has received the Stylepark Selected Award 2023

Tricot, designed by CRS Paola Lenti for the Natural collection, clinched the Stylepark Selected Award 2023 – an accolade presented annually by the renowned German platform, a world leader in showcasing the best in architecture and design projects.


The jury’s commendation goes to Paola Lenti’s ingenious reuse of production remnants, specifically yarns. This practice, prioritizing beauty without squandering new resources, aligns seamlessly with the philosophy of no-waste. Tricot incorporates leftover yarns through knit-weaving and linear or spiral-sewing, resulting in surfaces boasting a unique chromatic pattern – resilient, durable, and, above all, recyclable.


An essential and inviting rug, Tricot strictly adheres to the Mottainai philosophy – an ancient concept converging with modern sustainability. Not wasting takes on a deeper meaning, signifying a thoughtful approach to the world’s future. It counters consumerism with a lifestyle rooted in recycling, re-use, and respect for objects – an ethos extending to the well-being of humanity and the environment.


Drawing on years of conscientious raw material usage, Paola Lenti fully embraces the Mottainai philosophy. The company transforms production remnants into an aesthetic and functionally dignified dialogue, harmonizing tradition, innovation, and social responsibility.


Since 2018, the Stylepark Selected Award has recognized the finest innovations in design and architecture. It celebrates products like Tricot and acknowledges project philosophies shaping the future – an inspiring guide for architects, designers, journalists, and enthusiasts.



ph. © Maurizio Natta