PoolHaus and the Arrival of Summer

Established in 1992, GrünForm Achtermann is a youthful team specializing in gardening and landscaping, focusing on custom shading structures and swimming pools. In the summer of 2022, they expanded their outdoor exhibition space in Hanover, spanning over 2,400 square meters, with the addition of PoolHaus, a special project situated in the nearby town of Springe. PoolHaus is designed to offer visitors a welcoming and private green oasis. It features lush plants with delicate canopies and vibrant flowers, creating an enveloping atmosphere of peace and well-being.


The new space is defined by large bodies of water and elegant pathways crafted from wood and stone, adding character and architectural geometry. Adorning the space are select pieces from Paola Lenti’s outdoor collection, renowned for their timelessness, sustainability, and eco-friendliness. These pieces are designed to withstand water, sunlight, humidity, and are entirely recyclable. Among them are the Kabà sofas, Nido and Float armchairs, and Otto poufs, complementing the blooming islands and pool coverings with matching colors.



GrünForm Achtermann PoolHaus
Horstfeldstraße 7 31832 Springe