Paola Lenti Milano, Curtain Up!

Following the conclusion of Design Week 2024, Paola Lenti has opened its first fully owned flagship store in Milan. This space represents, in terms of size, function, and purpose, an innovative approach to business in a city internationally recognized as the capital of design; an approach that distinguishes itself for the focus on aesthetics, ethics and quality of the production.


Located in the Maciachini district, in the northern part of the city, the new exhibition area transcends the traditional furniture store. At Paola Lenti Milano, indoor and outdoor products are showcased amidst different ecosystems, gardens, and plants of various species and seasons, telling the story of a company built on creativity and experimentation.


Spanning 4,000 square meters, the integrated environments serve various functions: showroom, lounge, offices, gardens, greenhouses, a material library, and a Gallery—an exhibition space dedicated to various expressions of contemporary art.


While Paola Lenti Milano caters to sector professionals, it also engages with city inhabitants, aiming to inspire and foster cross-pollination between design, art, and architecture. Serving as both a milestone and a new beginning, it is part of an international project aimed at expanding and enhancing distribution spaces.





Paola Lenti Milano
via Giovanni Bovio, 28
20159 Milano
+39 (0)2 86891284


Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday 10 – 19