Paola Lenti outdoor collections in the Hamptons

Paola Lenti has embraced the invitation from LongHouse Reserve to enrich the vast open spaces in the Hamptons with over 100 products from its outdoor collection, a unique location where art, history, and culture, immersed in nature, become a resource accessible to the public.


Founded by artist and collector Jack Lenor Larsen (1927-2020), LongHouse Reserve is now a public institution serving the community with cultural programs and initiatives that, by involving various disciplines, prioritize people’s well-being.


Paola Lenti’s collaboration with LongHouseReserve stems from a shared love and respect for nature, a mutual belief in the positive impact of art in all its forms on humanity, and the value of craftsmanship as a privileged means of bringing objects to life. Thanks to the partnership with West | Out East in the Hamptons, Paola Lenti and LongHouse Reserve guide each visitor through gardens, furnishings, and sculptures on a journey of discovery and contemplation of the beauty generated by the blend of art and nature.


ph. © Philippe Cheng