Biennale di Venezia, Paola Lenti designs the terrace of Ca’ Giustinian

Paola Lenti has been chosen to set up the terrace of Ca’ Giustinian, the suggestive late Gothic residence and current headquarters of La Biennale di Venezia.


For the harmonious configuration of the outdoor spaces, spreading over two levels, products have been selected, whose nuances are inspired by the shades of the territory, so as to establish a dialogue with the surrounding landscape.
The different green hues of the Otto poufs, the Telar lounge chairs and the Orlando sofa evoke the water that flows through the Venetian canals and the vegetation of the islands dotting the Lagoon; the white-grey of the wide Canvas sofas and the Elba chairs reminds of the pearly horizons of certain summer or autumn days. Finally, the Portofino table and the Giro side tables, with their handcrafted glazed surfaces, were purposely conceived to reflect the sky above Venice and render its magic. The Tindari rug gives continuity to the elements, with its geometric texture in technical fabric, which is reminiscent of traditional straw mats.
Thanks to the sought-after chromatic and textural balance, the furnishings selected for the setup of the terrace of Ca’ Giustinian convey harmony and elegance, while creating a spontaneous bond with the city of Venice.