Paola Lenti renews her showroom
and brings nature into the home

Hanging bookcases, enamelled decorated tables, seats made of innovative polymers or eco-compatible fabrics.
Paola Lenti’s showroom in Meda (via Po 100 A) is completely renovated and opened its doors to the visitors of Milano design Week 2021. An amazing reinterpretation through colours, materials, new collections.

The large spaces overlooking the garden of the location seem to be drawn to allow nature to enter into the house, contaminating with its reflections and its nuances – greens, blues, yellows – furniture and furnishings designed for the interiors, creating a dialogue and a game of windows that breaks down the “walls” between indoor and outdoor.

MOVE, TAPIO, HARVEY design F. Rota | SOSPESA design Bestetti Associati ( Ph.© Sergio Chimenti )
ATOLLO NEXT, AGIO,TAPIO, GIRO, BUILD design F. Rota | SCIARA design M. Ferrera (Ph.© Sergio Chimenti )
CHARLOTTE design V. Van Duysen | CHIMES design Paola Lenti CRS ( Ph.© Sergio Chimenti )
WALT design F. Rota (Ph.© Sergio Chimenti )

In Paola Lenti’s mental geography, the home appears as a welcoming and gentle place, lively and open to the outdoors, with a sophisticated elegance, never over the top.
Tradition and research go together and blend with unexpected effects: the texture of the new tables in enamelled volcanic lava, which tell about an ancient wisdom, the pop transparencies of the innovative Twiggy yarn that talk about the new choices of sustainability and respect for the environment.

LODGE design Bestetti Associati | HARBOUR design F. Rota – ph. S. Chimenti
CANVAS, SABI, GIRO design F. Rota | MILLEFIORI design Paola Lenti CRS | CALATINI design M. Merendi, structure and colours by Nicolò Morales – ph. S. Chimenti
GIRO design F. Rota | CAFE’, TAIKI design Paola Lenti CRS – ph. S. Chimenti
RESORT design Metrica by B. Fattorini, R. Rizzini | SCIARA design M. Ferrera | AMI design F. Rota – ph. S. Chimenti
ELBA design Rockwell Group | GIRO design F. Rota – ph. S. Chimenti
CLUSTER design Young Projects | AFRA design F. Rota | SCIARA design M. Ferrera – ph. S. Chimenti
TOKU design V. Van Duysen | SHIELD design Bestetti Associati – ph. S. Chimenti
HAMMOCK design Rene Gonzalez Architects – ph. Sergio Chimenti
FREI, SHIBUSA design F. ROTA | CERCHI by N. Morales – ph. Sergio Chimenti
PORTOFINO design V. Van Duysen – ph. S. Chimenti

In the garden that surrounds the showroom, next to iconic pieces of the company such as Harbour, the modular sofa awarded with the Red Dot Award 2021, are the new collections such as Eres: sofas, chaise longue and outdoor beds in natural and eco-friendly fabrics, with soft and restful colours. Easily convertible into indoor complements, with a pleasant cocoon effect.       

Morelli’s Bulk Mixology Bar enchanted forest

Giancarlo Morelli, Michelin-one star chef and owner of the Bulk restaurant and the Bulk Mixology Bar in Milan (via Aristotile Fioravanti 4) to furnish the exterior of his restaurant has chosen chairs, tables and sofas by Paola Lenti in different shades and materials, with a fairy-tale effect deliberately contrasting with the “male” sobriety of the interiors.

Ph.© Sergio Chimenti

“My food is colourful and balanced, not intrusive. It’s a way of cooking you can’t forget. Just like Paola Lenti’s furniture”

Ph.© Sergio Chimenti

“A sort of colourful forest that brings back to childhood” explains the chef. “The side that I most feel my own”

(Ph.© Sergio Chimenti )

Salvioni’s terraces

Three ways to see the terrace, three atmospheres created with different furniture and colours. Paola Lenti illustrates her vision of greenery in the city with an installation in Salvioni Milano’s showroom (via Durini 3 Milan), open until October 31th. Three terraces overlooking the inner courtyard of the store, each one level, as if they were coloured snapshots that, going up the beautiful ancient staircase, finally create a panoramic view.

(Ph.© Sergio Chimenti )

The “garden terrace” on the first floor plays with the green hues: a shady place (Resort collection) and dedicated to relax (Harbour sofa and Ami armchairs). A few steps, and a blue oasis appears – a city-graceful style – with cosy armchairs (Nido collection), and glazed tables (Sciara).

(Ph.© Sergio Chimenti )

On the third floor, where the view extends beyond the roofs, visitors will find the new Eres collection. Designed for outdoor use, but with its natural fabrics and the soothing tones of ecru, sage and dust, it pleasantly creeps into the interior spaces, occupying the volumes with the maxi sofa Frei and the clean lines of Vespucci furniture (armchairs and sofas). A natural chill-out room (raw linen, hemp delavé, bamboo and natural woods characterize the furniture), away from the buzz of the city center.

(Ph.© Sergio Chimenti )

Showroom Paola Lenti – Via Po 100 A, Meda

Ristorante Morelli-Bulk  | Bulk Mixology Bar– Via Aristotile Fioravanti 4, Milan

Salvioni Milano Durini – Via Durini 3 – Milano
until October 31th