I giochi delle Muse

Caterina Napoleone
Video © Maurizio Natta, Fabrizio Polla Mattiot

Can a mosaic call to mind a fabric weave? And can a rug remind of the flooring of a Domus? Caterina Napoleone and Paola Lenti are convinced so. Between the ancient art of mosaics and the contemporary craftwork featuring certain furnishings, there is more than an assonance: the combination of colours, the composition of the designs, the choice of the weaves.
It is a fascinating, poetic dialogue, played on analogies and suggestions. Caterina Napoleone, art historian, and Paola Lenti, owner of the eponymous design company, created it, tessera after tessera, searching allover Italy for the most precious and less known mosaics. The result is a volume that illustrate an inestimable patrimony of our country: the knowledge of the artisans of yesterday and today.


I giochi delle Muse – Caterina Napoleone – Corraini Edizioni