Eres, the new Paola Lenti natural collection

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Twiggy and Diade, the recyclable mono-materials of the outdoor collection

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Harmony and Syntropy. Agriculture that regenerates
If intensive agriculture depletes the soil to the point of rendering it sterile, the regenerative approach reconstitutes the cycles of water and carbon, countering desertification. In Brazil, engineer Daniele Cesano has developed an effective method. And he is ready to export it, including to Europe.

The study of the yarns, their qualities and performances, the experimentation with materials, the enhancement of the characteristics that make them unique and an instinctive attention to colour are at the core of the Company’s project.

A company made up of various professionals and consolidated collaborations with local craftsmen and workers. An entirely Italian production chain, constantly evolving  and always attentive and responsible towards mankind and the environment.