design : F. Rota

Platform and poufs available in different dimensions.
The series Float also includes an easy chair, a sofa and a chaise longue.

Padding: polypropylene microspheres encased in a polyester covering.
Upholstery: removable and available in the fabrics Light, Rope M, Aquatech, Brio, Thea, Aero, Wara o Maris.

The platform code B27E and the poufs code B27C and B27D can be completed with a backrest positioned as desired. The backrest is made of polyurethane foam and is provided with ballast (the backrest belongs to the series Orlando).

This product can be used also in interior environments.

We advise to use a Winter Set protection cover.

Projects with Float
M/Y FB255 Formosa
Courtesy Benetti Yacht photo by: Thierry Ameller
M/Y FB276 Metis
Courtesy Benetti Yacht photo by: Jeff Brown
Ohla Eixample Hotel
Courtesy Ohla Boutique Hotels
Monastery of Our Lady of the Cave
Project by: Rujana Bergam Marković, arhitektri. Photo by: Reto Guntli & Agi Simoes
Private house

Project by: Sibel Huhn Interior Architects - Berlin.
Photo by: Kim Huhn

Private house

Outdoor design by Jeroen Martens. Courtesy Mira Verde - Belgium.

Private house

Outdoor design by Jeroen Martens
courtesy Mira Verde - Belgium

Outdoor design by Jeroen Martens courtesy Mira Verde - Belgium
LOGICA 147-01
photos by: Giuliano Sargentini courtesy Logica Yacht
Private house

Outdoor design and furniture by 't Huis van Oordeghem
photos by: 't Huis van Oordeghem - Verne Photography

Private house

Interior architecture: Fernanda Marques -
Architecture: Bernardes and Jacobsen -
Photos: Demian Golovaty

Hotel Americano
Photos: courtesy Hotel Americano
Private house

Mira Verde

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