Essential lines, compositional freedom, inviting design

Introduced at the last edition of Milano Design Week, Santorini is a new sectional seating system for outdoor use designed by Francesco Rota.

Open to multiple compositions and free from superfluous elements, the system appeals to those who seek contemporary products with a touch of classic elegance. Santorini combines design rationality, functionality, and compositional freedom, allowing the seats to be easily reoriented into large islands for rest and conversation.

The generous and well-proportioned dimensions provide an immediate sense of comfort, and the deliberate spacing between the seats and backrests ensures quick and complete drying.

The collection includes sectional two- and three-seater modules, a large platform, and a round pouf. These modules can be enhanced with padded backrests of varying lengths and side tables in Aurea Optima ash wood, which can be attached to the structure. The removable upholstery cover is available in all outdoor fabrics from the Paola Lenti collection.

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Director Maurizio Natta
Filmed by Fabrizio Polla Mattiot
Soundtrack Universal Music Publishing Ricordi srl

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