design : V. Carrasco

Series of side tables available in different dimensions, with top in Esmal enameled copper.

Structure: aluminium, matt varnished in grafite colour, plastic spacers.

Top: enameled copper available in three different décors:

A – Esmal codes ESM006, ESM005
B – Esmal codes ESM012, ESM011, ESM010, ESM008
C – Esmal codes ESM009, ESM007

The edge of the copper tops is not enameled, to allow the material to oxidize over time, a natural process, as it naturally happens, passing from a bright red color to an intense brown, up to the classic oxide green.

Strap side table is also available completely made of aluminium, matt or gloss varnished in the colours in the collection.

This product can be used also in interior environments.

We advise to use a Winter Set protection cover.


The Esmal enameling of the copper tops is created with manual production techniques that make each top different from the others, unique and exclusive.
The particular handwork techniques lead to differences of colour and design between tops even in the same batch and create a slight deformation of the top itself.
Irregularity of both colours and surfaces is the featuring characteristic of these materials, since it is impossible to guarantee nor identical pieces, nor the surface regularity, which in no case affects the quality and the stability of the product.