design : Paola Lenti e De Castelli

Metal mosaic covering for vertical surfaces.

Glow panels are made of a wooden fibre structure on which an aluminum or brass covering is applied.

The covering indicates the position of the oxidized aluminium, steel and brass tesserae that are to be inserted to form a mosaic according to a pre-determined chromatic and ornamental scheme.
The covering and the tesserae are treated by De Castelli with handcraft oxidation processes which make the final result homogeneous.
The panels are single-faced and each is provided with two steel hooks for the direct fixing to the wall.

Glow panels allow for the creation of true metal mosaics and the covering of vertical surfaces, even with considerable dimensions.

Glow is designed and produced in custom dimensions, always meeting the specific requirements of the client.

The oxidation processes used on both the Glow covering and tesserae are carried out completely by hand.
A following natural oxidation of the material and a resulting slight change of the colour shade, non-homogeneous and unpredictable, are in line with the production techniques and do not affect the quality of the product.

Glow compositions are made with pre-finished panels in the standard dimension of 98x98x3 cm.
The panels can be produced in custom dimensions up to a maximum of 98×298 cm.

Covering of indoor vertical surfaces, in residential, as well as public and commercial spaces.