Chain lino

Composition: 70% viscose, 30% linen
Filling: 100% paineira fiber
Technique: knitting

This firm yet flexible textile structure is filled with paineira fiber to enhance the comfort of the product. It is exclusively produced by Paola Lenti in different colours, and is used for the upholstery of the Tobit poufs and the weaving of the Plump seat pad from the Eres collection.

The viscose used in this textile structure is a fully biodegradable material certified Ecolabel EU. It is produced according to sustainability criteria that include a careful selection of the raw material – originating from responsibly managed renewable sources – a low environmental impact of the manufacturing process, which guarantees an effective efficient recovery of chemical substances, water and energy, and transparent traceability of the entire supply chain. The fiber is tested to ensure the absence of chemicals that can irritate the skin or be harmful to health.

Colour samples are an indication only and do not replace the use of real samples when ordering, since it is impossible to guarantee a screen reproduction identical to the original. Colour quality depends on the device used to visualize the web site and can vary from device to device. Textures are sometimes zoomed to allow for a better visualization of the materials.