What a waste to give up!

A short film narrates in a fantasy key the philosophy of reuse 

In Sbrendola they discard, in Aguglia they recover, in Ludica they use and reuse. It’s the new game by the Shapeshifter Genius and the Lady of Colours: fabric remnants destined to be thrown away are instead reused to create unusual furnishings. Certainly, a feat, but giving it up would be a waste.

This is indeed the meaning of the film and the new Metamorfosi collection: to create unique products starting from material scraps, so as to reduce waste and produce in a more ethical way.

Voiceovers give instructions and encourage the interpreters to let their imagination fly.

They are the Lady of Colours and the Shapeshifter Genius, aka Paola Lenti and Humberto Campana that, at the end of the short film, appear on a spectacular seat made of fabric offcuts, to demonstrate that “nothing has been wasted”.

Title: What a waste to give up!
Running time: 6’:50″
Written and directed by Maurizio Natta
Dop Roberto Calvi
Filmed and edited by Fabrizio Polla Mattiot